Thursday, September 3, 2009


Now Colin started kindergarten!!! I went to his house to capture his moments in getting ready for his first day in a new capture in his life..... I love doing these kind of photo shoots. It's so personal and I hope to help mom treasure the moments. I will be putting them in a coffee table book for him. If anyone is interested in capturing the special moments that our children and family go through call and we can schedule a session. WAHOO Colin you go little man!! Here are some to share!!!

Yes I made him get back in bed for this shot!!

Getting dressed for the day!!

Showing a little resistant in taking photos of his big day...I think he liked it!!

This was his favorite toy to play that day... Rescue Heroes!!

Having Lunch...the menu for the day was grilled cheese and oranges.

Brushing his teeth....I had to grab a shot of me in the tub trying to get the shot!!

Here is what I was going for....

great smile!!!

getting his shoes on.

His dad called to wish him luck....Colin was so excited!

It started to rain a little so we waited outside with the umbrella....It cleared up to be
a great day!

Here comes the bus!!!

Have fun on your first day in kindergarten!!!

on his way!!!!!

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LceeL said...

You are a truly wonderful photographer.