Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hello to everyone!!

Well I finally decided to start a blog!! Watch out!! I just wanted to share with everyone how much I'm enjoying photography. I have taken some pictures of some gorgeous children, and I'm having a blast! I hope to meet some wonderful new people that want to let me create some timeless portraits of their little ones. Here are some of the recent children that I had the pleasure to spend some time with...what fun!

Take care,
P.S. Say hi and let me know you stopped by!


Dawn said...

Adorable picture of Paige!!! I love it... hmmmm, wonder where she gets her good looks. (and don't say DON!)


~Br. Hr. said...

Welcome to the internet, Dawn! That's a lovely video portfolio --- I can't wait to see more.

have fun,

MaggieP said...

Lovely! I've got one on the way, perhaps you can snap some shots of Flynn sometime!

Aimee said...

Adorable pictures of everyone :) Good job. Love the bookmark!! Good luck with all of your pictures, you are a GREAT photographer!!

Anonymous said...


Awesome pictures and videos. Dylan my son was looking at the site with me, and he wants to know why his picture isn't on your sight!! He is so funny!! I will have to get you to take some pictures of my kids.